Victoria County District Attorney's Office

Stephen B. TylerSince 2007, I have had the distinct honor of serving the citizens of Victoria County and the State of Texas as Criminal District Attorney representing their interest, enforcing their laws, and seeking justice for victims and this community. I appreciate the trust of my law enforcement partners and the citizens of Victoria County. I am proud of the professionalism and commitment of my staff in their service of this community in accomplishing our mission, goals and objectives for Victoria. This Criminal District Attorney's Office sets a high standard in vigorous prosecution with efficient management, financial responsibility and innovative use of technology.
The Office of Criminal District Attorney handles all matters ranging from prosecuting criminal cases at all levels, representing the interest of victims of violent crimes, obtaining protective orders, reviewing applications for employment, purchasing, and budget.
The principal duty of the Criminal District Attorney is to safeguard citizens through the timely and vigorous enforcement of their laws. The District Attorney works with federal, state and local law enforcement officers in the investigation, preparation and prosecution of criminal cases in Victoria County, Texas.

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