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Local Victoria resident, Benjamin Ibarra, 24, was convicted on three counts of Aggravated Assault and two counts of Endangering a Child with a Deadly Weapon; and on Thursday, February 9, 2012, the jury sentenced him to 8 years in prison on each of the Aggravated Assault counts and 10 years in prison on each of the Endangering a Child With a Deadly Weapon counts, the jury further recommended that the 10 year sentence be suspended and recommended community supervision on those counts only. 

Ibarra was eligible for probation because he has never been convicted of a felony offense. District Judge Robert C. Cheshire, in accordance with the applicable law, ordered the sentences to run concurrently. Ibarra will have to serve his prison term and upon his release serve an additional amount of time on community supervision. Assistant Criminal District Attorney Keri Miller prosecuted the case.  Evidence presented at trial established that on March 14, 2011, Benjamin Ibarra purposefully struck a vehicle containing Monica Pena (Ibarra's ex-girlfriend), her two year old daughter, and Sandra Arenivas. Ibarra then passed the victims' vehicle, put his truck into reverse, and intentionally rammed his vehicle into the victims' vehicle. 

Also on March 28, 2011, Ibarra twice rammed his truck into the back of a vehicle containing Nicholas Garcia and a minor child. Ibarra passed the victims' vehicle and slammed on his brakes causing the victims' vehicle to collide into Ibarra's truck. No one was seriously injured in either incident. "The jury's verdict sent a message to the defendant and others like him, that this type of dangerous and violent behavior will not be tolerated on the streets of Victoria County," said Assistant Criminal District Attorney Keri Miller.

Benjamin Ibarra (Jail Photo)
Age 24 of Victoria, TX