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Jon Anthony Hill, 41 years old, was convicted of murder and attempted murder by a Victoria County Jury in 1993 and sentenced to probation. The defendant's community supervision was subsequently revoked and he was sentenced later to 10 years in prison. On Wednesday he was once again facing a jury of his peers to determine his punishment after he pled guilty in front of a Victoria Jury to the Aggravated Assault of a Victoria woman, and for Deadly Conduct alleged to have been committed on July 8, 2011. 

The jury took less than 20 minutes to sentence Jon Hill to 99 years in prison for the Aggravated Assault and 20 years for Deadly Conduct. In the third day of the punishment trial, officers testified about a murder that occurred on January 7, 1993. The facts of the murder were eerily similar to the offense he committed in July of last year. 

Lt. Tom Copeland with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office testified that on January 7, 1993, he was dispatched to the scene of a murder of a young woman at the Fox Run Apartments. At the time, Lt. Copeland worked for the Victoria Police Department.  Lt. Copeland testified that witnesses had identified the shooter as Jon Hill and that he had used a semi-automatic handgun to shoot Lorraine Terrell and Bradford Williams. Bradford Williams was wounded but survived the shooting. Lorraine Terrell died at Citizen's Hospital as a result of a gun shot wound to the back. The defendant was arrested shortly thereafter by the Victoria Police Department. 


Sgt. Jack Mullins with the Victoria College Police Department testified that the victim was found near a stairwell.  Sgt. Mullins was a detective with the Victoria Police Department at the time of the murder.  Sgt. Mullins testified that more than 6 rounds appeared to have been fired at Lorraine Terrell and Bradford Williams. A close friend of Ms. Terrell testified that Lorraine was a good person. 

She recounted that the day of the shooting they were celebrating a birthday at the apartment complex.  Ms. Terrell's friend testified that she saw Lorraine get hit by one of the rounds fired by the defendant.  She further testified that Lorraine fell face first into the concrete near the stairwell leading to a friend's apartment.  Lorraine told her friend that she "didn't think she was going to make it."  When asked about where Lorraine's wound was located, the witness testified that she just saw a large amount of blood on the victim.  Further testimony showed that Lorraine Terrell's family and friends had a difficult time adjusting to life after the murder.   

"The jury sent a message today that violent offenders like this defendant need to put away for life."nbsp; Said Assistant District Attorney Eli E. Garza.  " hope that all the victims hurt by this defendant can believe that justice was served today."span style="font-size: 12pt;">

Jon A Hill (Jail Photo)
Age 41 of Victoria, TX.