Rene Ivan Trevino, 28 years old of Victoria was sentenced to 6 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The Defendant was sentenced to 6 years on two counts of Indecency with a Child by District Judge Robert Cheshire.

During a punishment hearing today, September 2, 2010, the victim testified that in 2004 the defendant had touched her while she was sleeping. The defendant was the victim's uncle. The victim was visiting the family. After the initial assault, the victim testified that the defendant would attempt to touch her repeatedly when she would be sleeping. The victim now 13 years old, testified that she did not want to tell anyone about what the defendant did because she was afraid it would tear her family apart. 

The mother of the victim testified that she had accepted the defendant into her family as a brother; he (the defendant) was someone she cared deeply about.  When she was told about the abuse, the victim's mother felt betrayed by the defendant. The victim was immediately believed by the defendant's wife who immediately filed for divorce against the defendant. "I am proud of how the victim faced her fears and confronted the person who hurt her for so many years," said Assistant District Attorney Eli Garza. "I am also proud of how the victim had total support from her family and they are now helping her heal from the pain caused by this defendant's actions. "The case was investigated by the Victoria County Sheriff's Office.

 Rene Ivan Trevino
Booking photo from the Victoria County Sheriff's Office