Felony Division

When a felony offense is committed and reported to local law enforcement agencies, those agencies conduct the investigation, collect and process any evidence including witness statements, prepare reports and bring them to the Criminal District Attorney’s Office Felony Division. In our intake process, a prosecutor reviews the cases to ensure that the elements of the felony offense have been met and can be proven.

After the intake process has been completed, the case is submitted to a Grand Jury. A Grand Jury is composed of twelve (12) citizens of Victoria County. The Grand Jury then takes action to "True Bill" or "No Bill" the case.  A "True Bill" means the grand jury has decided that the State has enough evidence to bring criminal charges against a person AND GRANTS AUTHORITY to the Criminal District attorney to conduct such prosecution. The case is then filed in District Court and the prosecution of the case begins. A "No Bill" means the grand jury has decided the State does not have enough evidence to formally charge a person with the offense. A "No-Bill" ends the prosecution of the case.

After a "True Bill" the case is then filed with the District Clerk who then records them within the District Courts. Each District Court has two (2) felony prosecutors who handle all phases of the prosecution from intake to pre-trial hearings and jury trial. While prosecutors are not investigators, they review the files in preparation of court hearings this can result in the development of new evidence. Preparation includes meeting with the investigating agencies, victims, witnesses, reviewing physical evidence and reviewing applicable legal precedents.

Felony Offense Classification and Ranges of Punishment


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