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Hours of Operation:
7:00 AM - 11:00 AM
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Monday - Friday
Closed: Weekends, Holidays

25 N. Hangar Dr.
Victoria, TX 77904

Contact Numbers:
(361) 579-9103
(361) 579-6121 (Fax)

Richard Castillo, Victoria County Fire Marshal

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The Victoria County Fire Marshal's Office is the law enforcement agency responsible for fire and arson investigations, fire inspections and life safety fire code enforcement within the county.

Please contact us with questions regarding the Victoria County Fire Marshal's Office at (361) 579-9103.
The County Fire Marshal is a Certified Fire/Arson Investigator, Certified Fire Inspector & Licensed Peace Officer with the State of Texas.

The Victoria County Fire Marshal’s Office investigates all fires and conducts life safety inspections of all commercial businesses in unincorporated areas of Victoria County.

The Fire Marshal's Office also provides support to the 11 Volunteer Fire Departments throughout Victoria County, works collaboratively with emergency service agencies within Victoria County and investigates citizen complaints regarding fire and life safety hazards in the unincorporated areas of Victoria County.

The Victoria County Fire Department was established in 2009 from a merging of the Victoria Regional Airport Fire Department, and Telferner Volunteer Fire Department. It is currently managed by the Victoria County Fire Marshal and serves the citizens of a 68 square mile protection district. Currently the department is a combination department with 6 paid staff and approximately 25 volunteer firefighters.

The Victoria County Fire Department is regulated by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and provides Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) protection to Victoria Regional Airport, and the surrounding protection district. The department also responds to fires throughout Victoria County, or to neighboring counties if requested as mutual aid. Victoria County Fire Department is led by County Fire Marshal/Fire Chief Richard Castillo.

  • In order to protect lives and property in the unincorporated areas of Victoria County, TX, in accordance with Section 352 of the Local Government Code, the Fire Marshal’s Office will..
    • investigate the origin and cause of personal injury and property loss due to fires and explosions
    • provide fire and life safety inspections
    • provide public education services
    • collect, maintain, and analyze emergency response information to reduce injury and loss
    • educate, coordinate, and improve the services of county emergency service organizations
    • provide a response for hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction emergency response mitigation

    Victoria County Fire Department Mission Statement:
    The mission of the Victoria County Fire Department is to provide a superior level of Fire Control, Rescue & Emergency Medical Service to the citizens of Victoria County and the Airport Community, while continually striving to provide Life Safety Training and Education in order to save lives and protect property.

    In fulfilling these missions, the following services are provided: Emergency Fire and Hazards Response Mitigate fire, explosion, rescue, hazardous materials, and all other such emergencies with the greatest protection of, and least loss to, the welfare of individuals and property. Aircraft Rescue Firefighting provides first responder service for Fire, Rescue EMS and Haz-Mat incidents at Victoria Regional Airport 24 hours a day.

    Victoria County ARFF provides service that parallels that of the Federal Aviation Administration requirements for response equipment and extinguishing agents of an Index B Category Airport. Emergency Medical Response Respond immediately with the highest level of field emergency medical personnel available, with complete and up-to-date equipment and apparatus, to provide Basic Life Support Services utilizing the latest in approved medical protocols.

    Emergency Scene Investigation Determine the cause and origin of fires, explosions, and hazardous materials incidents in an effort to reduce future losses and provide information to interested parties. Fire Prevention and Public Education Implement programs which apply and enforce fire and life safety laws and regulations. Design and deliver programs to the citizens that will prepare them to better prevent and mitigate emergency incidents.

    Public Assistance Respond to requests for service from the public when those services are not otherwise assigned to other public agencies. The Department, as a cohesive organization, strives to provide these services in a well-planned, cost-effective and professional manner through the best utilization of the equipment, facilities, and training provided to us by the citizens of Victoria County.
  • Can I shoot fireworks from or at a vehicle, boat, public roadway, public property, park, or lake?
    You're not permitted to shoot fireworks from; public roadway, public property, park, or lake. It's a Class C Misdemeanor, can be fined up to $500.00.

    Where can I use fireworks legally and safely?
    • You may discharge fireworks in the unincorporated county, on your own private property, or on the property of another with written permission.
    • Fireworks are prohibited within most cities and within 5,000 ft of most cities.
    • If you shoot fireworks they must not land on adjacent property.
    • Always use fireworks in open areas.
    • Larger fireworks need larger, open areas.
    • You should not shoot fireworks from a roadside.
    • Victoria County typically has an approved fireworks shooting site.
    • The County opens up Patriot Park/Saxet Lake to fireworks shooting on July 4th and on December 31st.
    • Always check with the Victoria County Fire Marshal's Office to ensure the times and requirements at (361) 579-9103.

    What will happen if I start a fire by shooting fireworks?
    If the fire is found to be started intentionally, and damages the property of another, you may be subject to the charge of Arson with a possible penalty of 2-20 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000.00.
    If the fire is found to be accidental, and damages the property of another, you will be subject to a fine up $1,500.00. In either case you may be held civilly liable for damages.
  • Fire Safety Tips for County Residents
    The Victoria County Fire Marshal’s Office has received many calls and questions in regards to fire safety and safe burning. Even when our area receives rain and grass appears greener, please remember to still be cautious when burning. Hopefully this information will help everyone to understand what the rules are in regards to burning and how to safely burn allowable items in Victoria County.

    Always call the Victoria County Fire Marshal’s Office at (361) 579-9103 or the Victoria Police Department (non emergency Dispatch) at (361) 573-3221 before burning. Let them know who you are, what you will be burning, a phone number at which you can be contacted, and the location of the controlled burning. This prevents the fire departments from showing up unnecessarily to false calls for grass and brush fires.

    You can call the Victoria County Fire Marshal’s Office 24 hours a day and listen to the answering machine for burn ban status. If you need additional information, you can call us during our office hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM. Always call us for confirmation.

    You may also go to the Victoria County website at and or click on the Burn Ban link on the homepage or click on Victoria County Fire Marshal on the left side of the page under Victoria Links.

    Here are some tips to keep in mind:
    If you do not live in Victoria County, check the local laws on burning for your county. Some communities allow burning only during specified hours. Others forbid it entirely. It is a violation of city ordinance to burn within the city limits of Victoria, Texas.

    Check the weather. Do not burn on dry, windy days with low relative humidity. Check to see if weather changes are expected. Outdoor burning should be postponed if shifts in wind direction, higher winds or wind gusts are forecast.

    Postpone outdoor burning until your area greens up. Call the Victoria County Fire Marshal’s Office, Victoria County Judge’s Office, Victoria County Sheriff’s Office, or the Victoria Police Department Dispatch to determine if bans on outdoor burning have been lifted. Look for the red triangular burn ban flags at the city and county fire stations, or Victoria County Precinct Yards. If these red flags are flying, a burn ban is in place. Also many fire stations have burn ban signs. Burn ban signs are also posted at the county line on highways coming into Victoria County.