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Victoria County announces available positions upon vacancy, find out which positions are available by; Job Opportunities, Contact the Human Resources Department, Local Newspaper, The Texas Workforce Commission.

  • Obtain applications from the Human Resources Department:

    115 N. Bridge St.  Rm. 127

    (Now located in a temporary location: 101 N Bridge, Rm 302  - 1892 Courthouse)

    Victoria, TX. 77901

    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Monday - Friday

    Applications must be returned to the Human Resources Department.

    Some openings with the Victoria County Sheriff's Office require you to pick up and return application in person.
    Office located at 101 N. Glass Street. A job opening with this requirement will carry a notice to this effect.
    Print an application by clicking on the following link:

    Victoria County Application

  • Pick up an employment application from following location:

    115 N. Bridge St.
    Rm. 127
    Victoria, TX. 77901

    101 N. Bridge St. 
    Rm. 302
    Victoria, TX. 77901

    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Monday - Friday

    You may take an application with you and return it later.
    Complete the application with all the information requested.
    You may attach resume to application if you wish, however, resumes alone are not considered an application.

    If applying for more than one position, then you may take photocopies of your completed application; however, you should be certain that the correct position title appears on each application.
    Return completed application to the Human Resources Department before 5:00 PM date of deadline.

    If you return the application by mail, the envelope must be postmarked by the deadline.

  • Your application is sent to the department which will hire for the position applied. If that department wishes to interview you, then they will telephone you to make arrangement.

    Note: Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
    If the position requires a specific typing speed, then they will also arrange for you to take a typing test.
  • It is the policy of the Victoria County to prohibit discrimination against any person in job structuring, recruitment, examination, selection, appointment, placement, training, upward mobility, discipline, or any other aspect of personnel administration based on race, age, religion, color, disability, national origin, or gender.

    The County Prohibits retaliation or discrimination against any employee for reporting an unlawful or discriminatory employment practice, or for participating in an investigation of an allegation of discrimination.
Right To Work
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  • It is the policy of Victoria County to make its employment application process, employee activities, working environment, employee benefits, employee training, and employee advancement process accessible to disabled persons and to make reasonable accommodation to a qualified individual with disability who is an applicant or employee unless that accommodation will place an undue hardship on Victoria County operations.

    If you require an accommodation to apply for a position, please request assistance from the Human Resources Department at (361) 578-0752.